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Peterborough Utd v AFCW (FL1) k.o 15:00

+ Happy Birthday Russ +
Next WUP not due out for Boxing Day. Contributions wanted.
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Francomb hasn't proved himself at this exalted level.
20th Oct 2016 20:21:18 
Next question
The barge on the river near the ground is Oakham brewery a great brewer based in Peterborough me and Peterboroughs mascot will be making our way there after the game
20th Oct 2016 20:08:19 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Robinsons suspension will probably see Fuller being moved to centre back so that NA can shoehorn Francomb back into the team at right back. ;-)
20th Oct 2016 19:47:12 
A Don since 74.
Even the occasional episode of Neighbours can be a bit meh.
20th Oct 2016 19:39:30 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Yeah Breaking Bad had it's slow/nothing episodes as well I suppose.
20th Oct 2016 19:31:55 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Digy - nothing at all, but some on here pretty much danced around their living rooms when he was injured and subbed off at Charlton iirc....
20th Oct 2016 19:27:32 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
TF - let's wait and see where Westworld goes. Agree the 3rd episode wasn't as strong but it's very early days.
20th Oct 2016 19:27:19 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
A4e what is your problem with Francomb?
20th Oct 2016 19:22:01 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Not worried about Francomb but yes it's a shame Robbo won't be in there. These things happen though and we'be put ourselves in the position where a defeat on Saturday can be dealt with with a Frenchman-like shrug.
20th Oct 2016 19:12:35 
And yes Footballs Gods that includes one of those defeats where they have to spell the score in brackets on the vidiprinter. Shit happens.
Thanks, Square Nut. Don't care for Thai anyway, and I have a bad dose of the 'Uzbeks' (= the shits), so if that's still the case on Saturday it's a burger for Archie and an empty tummy for me.
20th Oct 2016 19:12:10 
Managed a biscuit and one slice of toast tonight. The jury is still out. COYD!
A4e, two words.
20th Oct 2016 19:04:08 
Will. Knightinshiningarmour :-)
SwinDon - apart from this morning, I have managed to avoid the entire circus. Anyway, have cast my vote now.
20th Oct 2016 19:00:05 
oxford womble - The ex home of WUPixels
Anyone worried about Robbo's absence and Francomb's return to fitness for Saturday?
20th Oct 2016 18:59:53 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Peterborough, having spanked Northampton on Tuesday night, will temper this passion for ground sharing on Saturday but it'll be a good day out anyway cos we've got Tom Elliot.
20th Oct 2016 18:56:04 
Westworld watchers - just me thinking the story's getting a bit tired already?
Ox tbf I don't know if the actual candidate is bonkers but I was chased up the street last week by a hippie with a cardie and a leaflet
20th Oct 2016 18:52:06 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
might need a new version of the "wombles going up, and the franchise going down" t-shirt :-)
20th Oct 2016 18:51:13 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
"The bonkers cardigan wearing Green Party" candidate is Bernie Sanders brother.... I had a chat with the Labour candidate this morning. Pleasant enough chap. And the recycling box is wedged full of never ending flyers from the Lib Dems.
20th Oct 2016 18:46:57 
oxford womble - The ex home of WUPixels
Kyle, and Wimbledon I guess
20th Oct 2016 18:40:43 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Naz-The pub Hillsy suggested has a Thai restaurant upstairs which we ate in before the Cup game,but it's probably out of your price range.
20th Oct 2016 18:40:22 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
TGG given that the choice is Tim Nice But Dim or the bonkers cardigan wearing Green Party, I may well not vote for the first time in my life.
20th Oct 2016 18:23:35 
Still mulling it over.
Thanks for the pub info, Hillsy.
20th Oct 2016 18:20:44 
Afcw4 . How dare you . I've only got a shower
20th Oct 2016 18:10:30 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Hash . Burton Yeovil
20th Oct 2016 18:05:41 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Probably should have added a ;)
20th Oct 2016 17:59:02 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
One for you here Kyle? [Link]
20th Oct 2016 17:58:36 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels