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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Haven't AFC Wimbledon got a "proper" forum?

    We've seen variations on this query posted on the BSS/BSP/opposing team forums, and it depends on what you define as "proper", really. Firstly, there is no "official site" forum. If you want threaded forums, such as WISA, please peruse our Links page. The WUP guestbook is an updated variation on the late Weird and Wonderful World guestbook, the format of which proved to be most popular with the punters. If you are in any doubt as to how best to navigate the guestbook, use the maximum posts, text search or scroll bar, post messages etc, please email us and we will attempt to assist.

  • Is the Guestbook a complete free for all, without moderation?

    WUP believes in free speech for all bar franchise fans, who forfeited all basic rights when they supported theft of our league place.

    For everyone else the basic rule is "don't be a dick".

    We trust that guestbook users will follow the unwritten rules of decency and not post anything that could be construed as racist, homophobic, or generally offensive, slanderous or libellous.

    As is the case at a football match, one man's "banter" is sometimes another man's incitement, so if posts are hidden from view at contentious times, this is done with the best of intentions for preserving peace and goodwill, rather than censorship for the sake of it. (We really do have better uses for our time!).

    If a person without a posting history makes their posting debut specifically with intent to anatgonise, they should not expect to be tolerated long term.

    Personal abuse online is illegal. It's also not very nice. Please resist the temptation to descend into that pit.

    To summarise, we like to let things flow without moderating but if the invisible line is crossed, appropriate action may be taken including hiding posts, blocking i.p's and reporting abuse to providers and/or authorities.

    If the perpetrator is known to us, we would attempt to discuss any actions taken. Any anonymous miscreants don't really have a way to appeal other than to email content@wup.me.uk upon which the circumstances would be reviewed.

  • How is the Old Centrals Repository financed?

    We are currently trying to make the guestbook self financing through tag purchase, sponsorship and donations made entirely at the behest of guestbook users.

    A certain amount is also offset by persons paying to host their sites on our webspace.

    Any shortfall in webhosting is paid off using WUP fanzine takings, though we aim to avoid this wherever possible as we exist to generate pure profit for use towards AFCW related projects.

    Over time have we changed hosts several times in an attempt to cut running costs whilst maintaining if not improving the facilities for Dons fans.

    Part of the motivation for this switch was to ensure that all monies raised by WUP do indeed go towards AFCW related projects, with less likelihood of having to part finance the guestbook as well.

  • Is it possible to restrict the posting frequency of persons who seem to dominate the guestbook, particularly during working hours?

    The guestbook was once termed as a "cyber-pub" and on that premise, a pub is very much reflective of real life, which takes all sorts. There are always people who like to dominate any given situation or are just naturally full of themselves.

    Whilst discreet recommendations can be made if enough feedback is received, we would say that the guestbook is very much the sum of all its patrons postings, and would encourage all users to exert some influence themselves on the direction it takes, rather than us having to resort to restricting people which we would rather avoid unless absolutely necessary.

  • Are away fans welcome?

    Yes, very - provided their intention is to join existing discussion or offer a new topic. No, if their intention is to antagonise or abuse.

  • Why should I get a tag?

    Having a tag means you can't be impersonated believably by others , as nobody else has your tag code, and so posts made by you are genuinely by you. It also means you can have a profile and pic on show, should you so desire.

    As of summer 2009, you will need a tag to be able to post on the guestbook.

  • What happens if I forget my tag code, or want to change the one you gave me, to something I will remember more easily?

    WUP will ask the database to email you a reminder of your code.

    If you want to change your code, email the replacement code to us and wait for confirmation of the change being actioned, before attempting to use.

    Sometimes our response is instant, sometimes it can take a while. We ask for your patience in this, as we all work full time and are not always able to drop what we are doing.

  • Who destroyed the WUPWiki forever in an unfortunate accident?

    Answers on an e-postcard to the_destroyer_of_WUPWiki@somesouthamerican.oops.br ......

  • I've heard a Wimbledon related song on the Radio WDON commentary, can you advise me as to availability on mp3?

    We often receive requests for the mp3 versions of We Are Wimbledon, The Dons Song, Fatman Scoop etc, and we will do our best to oblige at our convenience, or point you towards another source.

  • I want to make a small donation for a guestbook tag. I don't do paypal. Can I pass the readies to someone at a game?

    Yes. Please include a scrap of paper with your real name, email address and/or mobile phone number to send your tag code to. (No salesman will call!)

    We need something written down to remind us of who has contributed, at the end of the day when we get tired / forgetful / pissed.

    Look at the profile pics for Sleepy Womble, Brazilian Don, The Black Fingernail etc if you don't know who to approach at matches.

  • I have issues with accessing / posting / user functions / broken links on the guestbook. Can you help?

    Please email us, detailing what browser you are using, i.e. Chrome / Firefox / Internet Exploder, and which version. If you are using a palm gadget or mobile phone, details would again be useful if we are to alleviate the problem. Please detail any error messages / broken links encountered. We endeavour to solve all such problems as quickly as our individual occupation schedules will allow.

  • Who is "Andy Roberts" and why are some posts referred to as being "AR"?

    On the predecessor guestbook, weirdandwonderfulworld.com, when ex-Dons player Andy Roberts moved to Norwich, a bunch of people posted the news, without checking if someone had beaten them to it. It's worth doing a text search on the subject you are about to post, to check nobody has beaten you to it, or someone will probably pull you up as an "Andy Roberts" poster :)

  • What happens to people who use somebody else's tag?

    Tag theft is anti-social, akin to identity theft, and we actively discourage it.

    A range of punishments exist for this heinous crime, including having a "Tag Thief" label applied to your own tag for a period to be designated by us, a short ban, indefinite / lifetime ban for persistent tag abuse.

    In certain circumstances, even a first offence of this kind may lead to draconian measures being taken, so please - don't even go there!

    A "hall of shame" of miscreants may be displayed on this site for general inspection, so misdemeanours are recorded for posterity.

  • Can I use / register more than one tag?

    Yes, you can. It's all down to money, at the end of the day.

    First tags are free. We ask for a donation if you request an addtional tag, logos, special designs etc.

  • How many posts are made on the guestbook on a typical day?

    There's no such thing as a typical day but bear with us and we'll throw some selected stats your way :)

  • How many different tags are there registered in total?

    Currently in excess of 2550, though these include internal administrative and generic tags

  • What ever happened to weirdandwonderfulworld.com?

    Webmaster Marc Jones decided to close it, and queries as to why should be directed to him in person.

  • Can I advertise my website / business / event on the guestbook or in the fanzine?

    Yes, provided that your business / website / event is in harmony with the common goals of the supporters and Club in general.

    The WUP is more than happy to help fellow Wombles.

    Just don't try to post links in a blatant attempt to bypass one of the aims of the Fanzine which is to raise money for the Club. In other words, if you want the publicity, give us some dosh.

    We have excellent focused traffic which can be very beneficial to your website / business / event.

  • I have a spare ticket, can I sell it on the guestbook?

    As long as you are selling for no more than face value, and are careful to ensure it goes to a Dons fan, then we are ok with occasional sales.

    For big games WUP reserves the right to act as a broker to ensure spare tickets are allocated fairly. In this case there will be an announcement.

    This facility may be withdrawn or changed at any time at the discretion of the gimps.

  • Who is Amir and why does he ask for a link?

    Amir used to be a regular poster at the old Weird and Wonderful guestbook. He would make regular appearances and request links to subjects being discussed.

    His reputation grew and was absorbed as folklore by the regular users of the guestbook.

    To use the tag, just type amir in the "Name of Tag Code" box when posting.

  • What's the story with @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (tumbleweed)?

    That's normally used by guestbook regulars when there has been little or no activity on the guestbook.

    It usually wakes people up ;-)

  • Can I post scans of newspaper articles?

    We've been asked by a certain South London paper not to allow their copyrighted material to appear on the guestbook.

    After all, it is the Law.

  • Why people type "space" in the moral box?

    In the old Weird and Wonderful guestbook, there used to be a field called "location" with a default answer "cyberspace".

    Posters would usually change that to a message and but leave the word "space" at the end. So the practice continues in the WUP Guestbook.

  • What does Cybersheppey mean?

    It basically stems from way back to the days of Weird & Wonderful guestbook. The default moral was 'cyberspace' and a few people used to post within the moral whereabouts in the world they were posting from (usually somewhere exotic on holidays etc) so he started changing it to cybersheppey - as the poster lives on Sheppey - and it just stuck.