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Donations (always welcome!) / Payments

Those of you who are seasoned guestbookers will be aware of the cost of keeping such a useful internet communication portal in existence.

The WUP guestbook was created for all our conveniences, and being associated with the fanzine of the same name, enjoys a certain amount of funding to fall back on should circumstances necessitate.

However, every time the fanzine pays for webhosting (currently on a monthly billing cycle) this detracts from our available funds for other club related causes.

With this in mind, we would ask those regular guestbook users, who feel so inclined, to contribute towards the upkeep of this place.

Note that bank transfer, cash or cheques are preferable (see Contact) as Paypal charge fees.

Donation / Payment : £

Details of fanzine accounts can be obtained from here at any time.

The Womble Underground Press thanks you for reading.

** If you are a Franchise fan requiring a tag, a fee of £500 is chargeable annually.