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content@wup.me.uk for fanzine related queries (including submitting articles, etc)

tags@wup.me.uk for guestbook related queries (including super tag requests)

sales@wup.me.uk for goods or money related queries (including back issues, t-shirts and so forth)


Womble Underground Press
2 Hadrian Drive
North Warks
B46 1HW

In Person

When the fanzine is on sale we'll be found between the programme stall and the club shop touting our wares.

At other times we'll usually be found hanging around the back bar. Seek and ye shall find.


Although donations, subscriptions and payments are preferred by bank transfer, cheque or cash, we appreciate that that's not always possible

If that's the case you can send funds via paypal using content@wup.me.uk - if possible, please send as a gift to reduce overheads.