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  [2017-05-04 12:21:02] FULL WUP PREMONITIONS RESULTS HERE. Come chuckle and/or be amazed!  

Stop asking us what you predicted, just because you can't remember! You're not the boss of us!

But seriously, thanks to everyone who joined in. See you again, with your prognosticating powers, just before next season!

Name Position Points Goalscorer Goals
The Black Fingernail 10 65   Taylor 15
STTA 16 55   Taylor 22
Bad Egg 21 44   Zamora 7
Simmie Womble 20 53   Taylor 12
Phil Day 19 50   A Loan Player 12
bushmonkey 11 63   Taylor 15
Mark Goldfinch 14 61   Taylor 17
Tintin 17 52   Taylor 14
Tall Mark 17 59   Taylor 12
Meadow 19 50   Taylor 15
Hubs 19 57   Elliott 15
Powerdon 16 52   Taylor 16
Womble66 15 52   Taylor 15
Stameiro 14 60   Taylor 17
Silk 16 60   Taylor 15
Steve 16 60   Taylor 18
Paul Hawkey 14 64   Taylor 14
Wu 20 51   Taylor 14
Callum Watson 14 57   A Loan Player 14
Ray Armfield 18 53   Taylor 14
Raynes Parker 16 52   Taylor 14
Windlesham Don 18 55   Taylor 13
slough womble 13 61   Taylor 14
Simon Mallinson 18 53   Taylor 12
Donke 16 55   Taylor 17
Papers 23 30   Taylor 8
Colin Oxley 17 42   Taylor 13
Triggerfish 18 55   Taylor 16
Andrew Harris 19 46   Taylor 14
Tu7or 6 69   Fuller 31
20woodbine 9 63   Poleon 19
Trevor Shattock 19 52   Taylor 14
Ratty 19 52   Taylor 11
Jampot 10 65   Taylor 16
Nesta Wood 16 57   Taylor 23
Dons Outlook 6 82   Elliott 15
SudevJ 18 55   Poleon 13
pete 18 46   Taylor 14
Chestnut 14 54   Poleon 33
Brighton Don 14 55   Taylor 14
Hamworthy Howard 11 65   Taylor 18
Secret Agent 14 58   Taylor 14
Wisey 17 53   Taylor 17
Sharif 13 59   Taylor 18
Colette 18 53   Taylor 15
Dishant Narwani 17 50   Taylor 16
Postye 15 57   Taylor 18
Dalston Don 9 56   Parrett 13
matt vinyl 16 57   Taylor 15
Southampton Syeve 17 54   Taylor 14
Martin Riordan 18 54   Taylor 11
Anthony Sirkett 12 54   Taylor 16
farmersboy 15 73   Zamora/Jesus 17
Jamie Nicholls 15 62   Elliott 21
Matt Ardley 12 61   Taylor 18
Always In Shorts 14 49   Taylor 14
Daniel Kilcoyne  6 74   Poleon 21
Natedon 17 53   Taylor 15
Ian Rankin 15 50   Taylor 15
Jon Beeson 19 50   Taylor 14
James Dodwell 18 52   Taylor 12
Sean Fox 18 54   Taylor 14
Steve Leahy 17 49   Taylor 16
Satesh Tolat 16 55   Poleon 15
Hash 14 59   Taylor 16
Timo Of The Temple 14 70   Taylor 12
Peter Higgs 13 55   Taylor 18
Doobs 14 54   Taylor 17
Tom Lydon 12 55   Taylor 14
kyle 19 dunno   Taylor 12
Adam Russell 15 61   Taylor 16
Curran Hung 19 50   Poleon 24
J Carter 17 55   Taylor 14
Richard Stobbs 18 51   Taylor 15
James Dyer 16 58   Taylor 16
Graham T 21 50   Taylor 15
Hilarious Franchise Scummer 24 7   "Dele Alli" 6
Paul Torre 12 56   Taylor 18
Martin Drake 22 39   Taylor 8
Ben Wire 8 63   Taylor 12
Winslow Womble 5 76   Taylor 23
Vancouver Don 12 66   Taylor 14
Alan Phillips 16 46   Taylor 17
Ballboy Don 20 52   Taylor 11
Chris Hutchison 8 68   Taylor 18
NickD 16 60   Taylor 14
Mike J 18 51   Poleon 13
Socal Don 14 51   Taylor 18
Richard Tibbetts 19 53   Taylor 13
Russell Jones 18 56   Taylor 21
bb74 6 72   Zlatan 47
Paul Prew 17 50   Taylor 13
Colin Harris 17 55   Poleon 12
The Ginger Giant 16 58   Barnett 14
spartanwomble 18 53   Taylor 17
David "Reigning" Champion 12 64   Taylor 15
Bert 17 48   Barnett 14
Balham Womble 17 51   Taylor 15
DowntownDon 15 59   Barnett 22
Wickford Don 11 65   Taylor 17
Dave Marks 13 57   Poleon 13
Vic 10 66   Whelpdale 20
Nick Budgen 16 55   Taylor 19
Peter Young 10 55   Taylor 16
Neil Eccles 14 56   Taylor -
Streatham Don 17 54   Poleon 11
Richie 16 52   Barnett 13
  [2017-05-01 11:13:30] WUP Premonitions 2016-17 Results Here!  

First off, thanks to everyone who played at the start of the season. With little actual knowledge of how we'd do in the new division, there were quite a few prescient guestbookers out there!

However, with a resounding victory, this year's champion is POSTYE

who got points, place and top goalscorer spot on - only missing a witch-burning by overestimating LTB's final goal tally (didn't allow for all those blanks at the end of the season, probably)

Quite a few others were only one place/point out.

Anyway, here are the final placings and assorted bragging rights for the WUP Premonitions 2016-17.

Well done to the victors, and let's all play again next season when we might all have a better idea of what to expect Smile


Name Position Points Goalscorer Goals
2017 Bragging Rights        
Postye 15 57 Taylor 18
One place out        
matt vinyl 16 57 Taylor 15
Nesta Wood 16 57 Taylor 23
Callum Watson 14 57 A Loan Player 14
1+1 place/position combo        
Dave Marks 13 57 Poleon 13
Secret Agent 14 58 Taylor 14
James Dyer 16 58 Taylor 16
Neil Eccles 14 56 Taylor -
DowntownDon 15 59 Barnett 22
The Ginger Giant 16 58 Barnett 14
Honourable No Cigar        
Donke 16 55 Taylor 17
STTA 16 55 Taylor 22
  [2017-04-27 15:07:33] Fill in the Trust Membership Survey here! Go on, you know you want to!  


  [2017-03-08 20:48:04] January Dons Trust Board meeting notes here!  


  [2017-02-18 03:03:16] "The Emailing III - The Last Writes" The final chapter in our exciting Homecoming Trilogy!  


  [2017-02-10 12:12:40] The Dons Trust is officially 15 years old. Happy birthday!  
  [2017-02-09 02:09:44] Oi Naz! WUP 14.1 Out on Saturday! Just saying!  

it's got lots of news and articles and opinions in it, plus what plants crave

  [2017-01-27 13:21:52] Naz Wants Newz!  
  [2017-01-05 10:12:08] U18s FA Youth Cup vs Hull City Tuesday 10th Jan 7pm @ KM  
  [2016-12-16 21:00:31] London Senior Cup game at Corinthian Casuals Tuesday 20th Dec 7.45pm COYD!  


  [2016-12-06 21:24:26] Franchise Scum game is at 1pm, for those who wouldn't miss it for the world. Donations for guestbook overhaul and maintenance ar  



Hopefully that link works!

  [2016-12-05 20:36:37] The Great Escape.... into the Third Round...  


  [2016-11-19 20:31:03] Sadly we can no longer play Bury every week. :(  
  [2016-11-08 09:23:35] Dons Trust Board Elections voting now open - online, or by mail-in. 6 Candidates, only 4 Seats!  

Don't forget to vote, or Trump might get in.

  [2016-10-01 13:50:21] Walking down the Haydons Road/To see the Womble Aces.... in a few years' time.  

hopefully space

  [2016-09-10 07:36:23] Write-in vs Wandsworth. Do your bit!  
  [2016-09-05 19:36:42] 5 points and a superb win by the reserves against Swansea's International youth team. I blame the goalie!  
  [2016-08-27 18:31:22] Unbeaten in the last two games! Everybody Panic!  
  [2016-08-22 14:29:07] Our newest bestest mate Sadiq Khan chucks NPL planning back to Merton.  
  [2016-08-02 09:10:48] Results of last season's Premonitions (League Two 15-16) here!  

The Results of Our Inaugural WUP Premonitions 2015-16

As many of you will remember, back at the start of the season, we ran a for-fun, simple 4-question survey to test your skills and lack of judgement against your fellow guestbookers!

We asked you to guesstimate:

Final league position.
Final number of points.
Top goalscorer.
Number of goals he (or she) will score.

Sounds so easy and obvious! Ooh... but was it?

But most importantly was there a prize [*] at the end of the season for the closest guess?


Final Position: 7th (Playoffs)

There were 197 responses to this question, with mystic Wuppites predicting finishes between champions with 300 points to relegation with 43 points.

Ignoring a couple of silly answers (you know who you are), the mood was actually very positive, with over 83% believing we'd finish in the top 10 and more than half of those going for a play-off or better place.

With 7th Place cemented in the penultimate week, a lot of bragging rights were earned just by our making The Playoffs, so well done all you optimistic scattershotters out there!

However, next season we make you actually pick a final place, from 1st to 24th inclusive, just to make things harder!

Final Points

With a 1-0 Win on our final game against Newport, we climbed the dizzy heights of 75 points in a season, shattering our previous paltry best by an astounding margin.

Still, this was not enough to put off a surprising number of optimistic Wombles. Although to be fair any small amount of research would have told them that one needed at least 70 points to make the playoff places.

Top Goalscorer

Lyle Taylor's pre-season goalfest turned a few heads. Of 191 sensible responses, 156 of you had him down as your top scorer. With a low of 11 goals and a high of 32 goals, an average of just over 18 meant that many people, who were just a little more optimistic than the rest, once again hit the target, or close to.

With Lyle Taylor taking a well-earned rest in the final game, this threw the final results into a bit of a tizzy – with more than a dozen people earning close-but-no-cigar status, by dint of getting spot on with points (or one point out) but screwing up/being screwed out of Ultimate Bragging Rights, when he might have grabbed one or two more against the Welsh side already dreaming of their Summer Holidays on Barry Island.


But good on NA for resting his tired front and back lines, ready for the Assault on Accrington.

NB Taylor was also by far the most fire-powered of our forwards, with Azeez finishing second on 7 for the season, and Akinfenwa and Elliot both on 6. A decent amount of goals from midfield, which is nice – although the HAFSOG meter remains relatively in the low end of the spectrum.

And so, the results…..


Spot On:


Miraculously, given the oddities of the season, One Wupper got it bang on the money, with Playoffs and 75 Points predicted, along with a prescient 20 goal tally for Taylor.


STEP FORWARD “Champion” Alexandra Don!

You win a free subscription to the fanzine for next season!


Runners-Up win TWO free subscripti… okay I’ll get my coat….

Some honourable mentions, with a number of fans getting very close, so we bestow upon those mentioned some Mini-Bragging Rights throughout the summer. Only a couple of referee’s opinions and offside decisions separated you from A Summer Of Glory on the Guestbook.

We still think you did really well – as did others who were there or thereabouts. But with a surprising number of Wuppers being one point/goal or two away from mindreading claims, it was hard to break it down even further.


Here’s a nice chart tho, for posterity, so the closest of you can see your name/tag embossed on the interwebs for ever more!

Name   Position Points Top Scorer Goals
WUP Champion 2016!        
Alexandra Don Playoffs 75 Taylor 20
Worthy Runners-Up:        
Monty   Playoffs 75 Taylor 19
Mark Goldfinch Playoffs 74 Taylor 20
chris davis   Playoffs 74 Taylor 20
Honourable  Participation Plaques….      
Monty   Playoffs 75 Taylor 22
Dave McKnight Playoffs 75 Taylor 23
Mike   Playoffs 75 Taylor 14
The Roll Call Of Mini-Bragging Rights:      
Tommy   Playoffs 76 Taylor 21
Russell Jones Playoffs 74 Taylor 21
Slow Train   Playoffs 74 Taylor 19
ducky   Playoffs 74 Taylor 18
Chris Lennon Playoffs 74 Taylor 18
Pat Bailey   Playoffs 74 Taylor 22
Headcorn Womble Playoffs 74 Taylor 17
bob   Playoffs 74 Taylor 23
Secret Agent Playoffs 76 Taylor 23
Ribligo   Playoffs 74 Taylor 23
South Coast Womble Playoffs 74 Taylor  23


Thanks to everyone for playing, and hopefully you will have another go before the season starts again on Saturday!

  [2016-07-30 18:19:27] WUP PREMONITIONS FOR 2016/17 IS HERE! Free and open to all AFCW Fans  
  [2016-06-09 19:34:13] Playoff Final WDONified by Vic  
  [2016-06-07 12:14:52] Please help with replica shirt research  

We are currently researching the growth in the buying and wearing of
replica football shirts by adult fans since the 1970s. We are aiming to
gather the experiences and opinions of fans who have bought or been
given replica shirts (be it occasionally or every season!), and of fans
who have never owned a replica shirt. We are keen to hear from fans of
all ages - and particularly those aged over 40, who might have bought
replica shirts in the 1980s and early 1990s.

We'd be very grateful if you'd be willing to complete our short survey
(should take 5 minutes at most).

You can access it here: [Link] target="_blank"> [Link] Thanks for your time
Chris Stride (University of Sheffield) and Nick Catley (Independent


  [2016-06-02 17:55:43] WDON  


  [2016-06-01 18:23:05] or text search "r  
  [2016-05-31 09:54:45] Oh plop! We're playing Third Division football next season. Everybody panic!  
  [2016-05-31 05:52:38] Wombles Win at Wembley! See you all in League One next season :)  
  [2016-05-26 20:45:31] Wembley Pubs for Wombles here:->  
  [2016-05-25 22:38:10] Daily updates, interviews and podcasts from the 9Yrs boys all this week!   


  [2016-05-18 21:53:43] We're the famous Wimbledon and we're off to Wembley  
  [2016-05-15 20:06:35] Slender 1-0 lead, going into the second leg on Wednesday night! COYD!  
  [2016-05-03 11:50:22] Home on the 14th! 7.30pm k.o. COYD!  
  [2016-04-30 16:04:06] NA was right! 72 points was enough to get into the playoffs! COYD!  
  [2016-04-27 18:45:39] Holy plop! We now need to somehow scrape a couple of points from our last two games or Cambridge will overtake us! Mass attack o  
  [2016-04-09 19:39:05] Oh christ we're back in the playoff places! Everybody panic!  
  [2016-04-05 21:29:01] WUP WANTS ARTICLES! New Edition for the Orient game, if people send us stuff to put in it!  
  [2016-04-02 19:43:09] Back to 2 points off the playoffs with a game in hand. The Doom Mongrels are quiet - everybody else panic!  
  [2016-03-28 21:10:20] Wipe-clean photos of Neal Ardley back in stock now  


  [2016-03-25 23:29:12] 4 Points off the playoffs with 8 games to go? Fook it, let's give up then....  
  [2016-03-20 01:09:43] Oh noes! We beat a bottom-feeder team! Everyone panic!  
  [2016-03-17 22:37:19] Now we've got cover at CB, what else can we moan about? (No, we are not allowed to moan even more about Scapegoat Francomb)  
  [2016-03-14 15:45:15] Oh noes! We're down to 9th! Everybody panic!  
  [2016-03-11 12:27:27] Ardley wants to strengthen our back door. And maybe get someone to bang it in at the other end too.  
  [2016-02-27 16:00:23] Dons beaten by Oxford in non-shocker!  

Yes we are very sarcastic round these parts.

  [2016-02-18 19:38:16] WUP WANTS ARTICLES... yes we do, then we can make yet another lovely issue for everyone to enjoy :)  

email Tudor or Raspberry with your timid questions or nervous enquiries.

Or just whack over your finished article or rant. Don't be frightened!



  [2016-02-18 17:15:05] "Its not Christmas anymore on WUP! Also panic."  

in depth interview with cork13 to follow

  [2015-12-18 23:17:44] Dons Trust Board Election Result!  

Democracy in action. :)


  [2015-12-12 07:42:08] Don Wimble & The Plough Lane Boys - Dons Are Coming Home  
  [2015-11-30 11:27:26] Dons Trust Board Elections. Don't forget to vote! Deadline 7th December 23:59  

Elections details and hustings podcast here:




  [2015-11-03 20:57:27] Sat 7th, Forest Green Rovers, FA Cup 1st round, Kingsmeadow, 3pm.   

in case you didn't know

  [2015-10-31 18:42:28] Help! Three wins in a row! Everybody panic!  

One point off a playoff spot! Ermhagahd! What happen if we accidentally make the playoffs? We'll be ruined!!!!

  [2015-10-30 12:22:36] New 9 Years Podcast out, 3 years of NA!  
  [2015-10-14 23:03:19] WUP HALLOWEEN EDITION, OUT 31st OCT! We are accepting stuff of all shapes and sizes, spooky or serious, you decide!  

send your articles or observations or fun pictures or comments or queries to or straight to

  [2015-10-01 17:04:28] Help! We're midtable! Everybody panic!  

10 games in.

  [2015-09-16 21:29:50] Thanks to everyone who supports the WUP Fanzine, and this here Guestbook... and in so doing, helps us buy nice things for our Cl  

Buy the Fanzine on matchday! Or maybe buy a subscription!

Purchase a Supertag and look all cool and trendy, like all the hipsters in the John Green Stand!

Maybe buy the Fanzone online soon, like wot we are working on for all you faraway wombles!

Contribute your thoughts and meandering ramblings/well-constructed arguments in favour of bringing back the 'libero' position, or Womble Goalies we have known and loved, or anything else you can think of!


  [2015-08-26 12:31:34] WUP 13.2 AVAILABLE THIS SATURDAY AT THE EXETER GAME! Amazing value at £1!  

Don't forget you can subscribe for an entire season, and get a nice shiny colour front page, delivered to you!

New contributors and one-off articles and opinions always welcome!

  [2015-08-18 23:27:31] "It was a game of two halves" ...hey gimps, might as well make this a sticky! ;)  
  [2015-08-17 19:16:09] Cambridge come to Kingsmeadow this Tuesday!  

not allowed to mess with the diary, but there you go

  [2015-08-15 20:33:34] The Wombles Win Away  

It must be Christmas 2014 again 

  [2015-08-12 14:38:12] Three at the back or a flat back four? There's only one way to decide this....... FIGHT!!!!!!  

* insert homage to Harry Hill's TV Burp here*

  [2015-08-10 12:31:47] Has Bayo been at the Mayo?  

Personally, we think he's just big-boned.

  [2015-08-09 17:58:10] Dons lose first game.... EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!!  

3-4-3 or 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 or 5-2-3 or 2-3-5?

Doesn't really matter, just take your chances!

  [2015-08-05 09:18:48] It's here. The new season WUP 13.1 is out for the Plymouth game. Only ¥193.24 (please bring correct change).  

Yes, you need to wait no more. The first WUP of the season will be available before the Plymouth game. This time, it will be only ¥193.24 of your Japanese Yen.

  [2015-08-04 12:06:18] Black cab, Minicab or Uber. Which is better? There's only one way to find out..... FIGHT!!!!!


You know it makes sense.

  [2015-08-03 20:49:37] Yayyyyyy!!! Refwatch is back!  

Must be the start of the new season soon, then.

  [2015-08-02 09:32:11] Apparently we have a new signing - oh, we mean "triallist"   

... at least until Monday when the paperwork can be filed. Let's hope we don't get gazumped overnight ;)

  [2015-08-01 17:07:13] Preseason is only about match fi - oh wait, we finish unbeaten? YAY!!!!!  

Papers beleives we might just scrape 22nd place finish, if we're lucky.

  [2015-07-31 17:51:22] Buyers! Sellers! Tyre-kickers! The wheelbarrow market is heating up on the guestbook!  

Check for punctures before committing to buying.


This has been a WUP Public Information Broadcast

  [2015-07-27 09:39:59] Don't forget to enter our for-fun prize draw WUP Premonitions for 2015/16 here!  

Linky to explanation:



  [2015-07-27 09:33:33] Wombles unbeaten in Europe!  

Granada 2 - Wombles 2


In other news, sales of sunburn cream skyrocket in South London.


  [2015-07-18 21:26:21] Wombles remain unbeaten in pre-season  

And we even managed to HAFSOG

  [2015-07-02 16:29:29] New signings arriving like London Buses now. We expect three more by Friday now.  
  [2015-07-01 13:08:37] New signing being unveiled by 15:30, according to HHW  
  [2015-06-28 20:30:31] Margate have apparently signed a new player.  

How Jolley. What a Goodman he must be...

  [2015-06-23 19:19:25] OMG it's a new(ish) signing!  
  [2015-06-17 07:34:02] The Fixtures are out TODAY  
  [2015-06-14 22:37:58] No one has called one another a Twat for over 24 hours  

It will soon change

  [2015-06-12 22:17:37] It's official: the secret guestbook is not as exciting as the WUP   

Otherwise people would jus stay there

  [2015-06-08 14:05:56] Yeah, you heard it. We have a player signed up. No, it's not a new player.  
  [2015-06-05 20:19:04] AFC Wimbledon makes first signing of the new season!  

It's only a brewery

  [2015-06-03 23:59:44] BREAKING NEWS: No new can also be good news.  
  [2015-05-28 13:00:12] The weather is unchanged for the past fortnight  
  [2015-05-23 18:36:21] Greece award Cyprus 12 points.  

And Cyprus award Greece 12 points. Great Britain fail again.

  [2015-05-19 20:51:16] NA still hasn't signed any new players. EVERYBODY PANIC!!!  

Or something like that

  [2015-05-17 14:04:15] Some really shit fixtures have been announced   
  [2015-05-06 07:28:09] Taggard's swimming lessons coming along just nicely  

Or is it?

  [2015-05-06 07:03:00] The League has not yet released the fixtures for Season 2015/2016  

Not yet, that is.

  [2015-05-06 07:01:39] No news about Pre Season Friendlies has yet been released by the Club  

Nope, not news either

  [2015-05-06 07:00:35] Amir has finally discovered Google  

Other search engines are available

  [2015-05-06 06:59:19] Defenestration is trending World Wide  

Some people deserve to be subjected to it.

  [2015-05-06 06:57:19] The planning application has not yet been put to vote  

No, that's not news either

  [2015-05-06 06:56:38] Neal hasn't been sacked  

That's not news either

  [2015-05-06 06:53:31] Charles Koppel is still a ****  
  [2015-05-06 06:51:52] Ballboy was tired of seeing old news  

This is not news

  [2015-05-06 06:51:17] No one has been released  


  [2014-08-28 20:46:00] It's finally here, WUP 12.1 out for the Stevenage game.  

Here at last, the labour of our blood, sweat and tears finally comes to fruition.  Only one of your earth pounds (still) for 28 pages rammed full of the usual rubbish and not so rubbish. On sale at the Stevenage game on Saturday from the approach road, by the Dons Trust table before the game and from under the canopy at the back bar afterward and, if there are any left, on Tuesday.

  [2014-04-16 08:11:09] WUP 11.4 Out Now!   

As the season reaches its climax, WUP takes a look at the contenders for the dreaded drop, crunches the season by season relegation stats, pays tribute to the goalscoring phenomenon known as George Oakley, ponders the impact of HAFSOG, and by popular demand brings you the return of Donna's Tuppenny Bits! Of course, no issue is complete without the WUP crossword, and we've also got an interview with one of the forgotten goalkeepers of our illustrious past. You won't find many articles in circulation concerning the InterToto Cup - but we've got one! Just in case a certain goalscorer departs our ranks shortly, we've got a suitable appreciation of his time with us. There's also a hard copy chance to vote for your POTY/YPOTY awards, and much, much more! Price held at £1, available from the usual suspects around KM at the Newport game!

  [2014-04-10 14:02:39] Young Player Of The Year voting  

Voting is now open to decide who will be awarded the Natalie Callow Memorial Trophy (AFCW Young Player Of The Year).

If you prefer to vote in hard copy, voting forms/collection points will be available at strategic points around KM on the Good Friday (April 18th) home game versus Newport, after which voting closes (deadline midnight). If you prefer to email your vote, please use

If WUP receives any emailed votes for WISA POTY, these will be forwarded as appropriate.

One vote per person please. Where evidence of multiple voting becomes evident, the votes in question will be discounted.

Trophy to be presented by Natalie's parents to the winning player at the final home game of the season versus Morecambe on 26th April.

Separately, votes for the WISA Allen Batsford AFCW Player Of The Year may be emailed to


Happy voting, and thanks for reading.


  [2014-04-10 11:51:17] AFCW Ladies/Girls Trials  

AFC Wimbledon Girls & Ladies Trials 2014-15

 Trials are for Under 9; Under 10; Under 11; Under 12; Under 13; Under 14; Under 15; Under 16; Under 18; Ladies Development Squad & Ladies 1st Team (Though Trialists for Under 18; Ladies Development Squad & Ladies 1st Team - will be grouped together)

AFC Wimbledon Girls have a policy to try and ensue ALL Girls will be playing in their own age group and not playing with/against older girls.
Trials are to take place on Saturday 10th May & Saturday 17th May from 10am-12noon at King Georges Playing Fields; Tudor Drive; Morden; Surrey; SM4 4PN
See Maplink below
Link] target="_blank"> [Link] /> There is a small car park on Tudor Drive near Pavilion, if full please park sensibly on surrounding roads (avoid Bus Stops - as Traffic Wardens are prolific in the area) & be aware of residents needs
An information form will need to be completed so please allow some extra time before trial in order to complete form.
For more details please call John Ivers (Secretary) on 07719074908

Link] alt="" />
  [2014-04-10 11:17:40] Natalie Callow Memorial Trophy - AFCW YPOTY- Cast your vote now!  

Voting is now open to decide who will be awarded the Natalie Callow Memorial Trophy (AFCW Young Player Of The Year).

If you prefer to vote in hard copy, voting forms/collection points will be available at strategic points around KM on the Good Friday (April 18th) home game versus Newport, after which voting closes (deadline midnight). If you prefer to email your vote, please use

If WUP receives any emailed votes for WISA POTY, these will be forwarded as appropriate.

One vote per person please. Where evidence of multiple voting becomes evident, the votes in question will be discounted.

Trophy to be presented by Natalie's parents to the winning player at the final home game of the season versus Morecambe on 26th April.

Separately, votes for the WISA Allen Batsford AFCW Player Of The Year may be emailed to


Happy voting, and thanks for reading.


WUP Team

  [2014-02-20 09:27:38] WUP 11.3 is here!!!  

The wait is over. Issue 3 of your independent AFC Wimbledon fanzine, Womble Underground Press, is upon us and can be purchased on the day of the Bury game from the usual suspects in the usual places! Featuring randomly submitted content - (We love random!) written by the fans for the fans and price held at a thoroughly reasonable £1. It's got's got Dogging! It's got Sinkholes...It's got declarations of undying love for.... a previously unheralded area of the stadium we currently call home! Learn more about the challenges faced by another Trust run club. Sample the first time shared thoughts of a younger supporter. Tackle the challenge of the WUP Crossword. Relive the first ever Sunday Cup Final. Crunch the season stats so far with our in-house analyst. Don your kilt and bagpipes and reminisce about the Scottish tour of 1990.  Check out the members of the Dons Foreign Legion. Observe the perspective of a matchday volunteer. Become entranced by the creation of the fiendish Doktor ArdCox. Then get writing the next issue with us!

  [2013-12-13 12:29:42] WUP 11.2 Out Now!   

Get your copy of Womble Underground Press fanzine at the Mansfield game while stocks last! Only £1 ! Available from the usual suspects around KM.

  [2013-08-09 09:43:40] Get Your Copy Of WUP Issue 11.1 at the Wycombe game! Fanzine Frenzy!  

Who said the era of the fanzine had passed... WUP is back to fly in the face of that notion once again and as per usual it's by the fans for the fans, independent viewpoints but with a common theme - supporting the Dons and raising a few quid for club related projects into the bargain. All on an entirely voluntary basis, so if you are a budding writer or just need to get something off your chest then why not write something for the next issue! Preferably concerning AFC Wimbledon, the fate of greyhound racing in the UK and the loss of a freakfest radio programme in Buckinghamshire (bwahaha!).

Who dictates the content? You, if you send enough in. Who provides the resources? Don't answer that one :) Who sets the price? It's set down in stone... 100 pence of the realm!

It's got articles, analysis and random images that are sometimes loosely related to the surrounding content. It's got a certain League 2 manager on the cover as you've never seen him before! It's practically unrivalled in it's current day Womble genre. It's tested as fully incinerable if you don't like it. Want to know more? Buy it and find out! Your matchday experience is incomplete without it!

  [2013-04-25 15:13:52] WUP 10.8 On sale 27/04/13! Last issue this season! Only one of your English pounds!  

It's your final chance this season to buy a WUP. Written by the fans for the fans, and raising funds for club related projects. Issue 8 looks at the remaining fixture and samples supporter expectation of the outcome. Given what is at stake, we can't really focus on anything else this issue! Dissipate the surrounding tension by attempting the prize crossword, whilst preparing your lungs and liver to provide the 12th man support that (hopefully) helps AFCW to still be a League 2 club come 5p.m. Thanks for supporting WUP, the fanzine and the guestbook during 2012-13 and a happy and healthy close season to all of you!

  [2013-03-27 08:46:58] WUP 10.7 Available at the Barnet game! Don't miss it!  

As the season reaches its exciting climax, the equally riveting unofficial AFCW fanzine speeds towards its imminent tenth anniversary with the seventh issue this season.

You can secure your copy from the usual suspects lurking around KM, for the inflation busting sum of £1.

For those of you who have passed comment on the gloomy nature of the last two front covers, we have made this one rather jolly, especially for you! Enjoy, and get writing for the last issue of the season, due at the Fleetwood fixture!

  [2013-03-21 08:37:40] London to Amsterdam Challenge for Prostate Cancer UK  

Many clubs, including this one, are joining The Link] target="_blank">Football League London to Amsterdam Challenge in support of Prostate Cancer UK. Fans, players and club officials from across The Football League will take to the saddle for a unique two day "Total Football" themed, 155 mile challenge for the 250,000 men living with prostate cancer across the UK.

The ride will see Link] target="_blank">fans pedal from capital to capital, raising money for prostate cancer. Kicking off on Friday 14 June, the route will pass through the picturesque countryside of rural England, before crossing The Channel at Harwich and onto the flat landscape of Dutch Zeeland. The sight of Amsterdam with its network of canals, cobbled streets and wonderful architecture on Saturday will mark the end of a fantastic ride and the start of the Total Football celebrations.

Former England, Watford and AC Milan Striker, Luther Blissett, has already signed up, and other footballing legends are expected to follow. Luther told us: "Rivalry between clubs can be fierce, and although this isn't meant to be a race, I am sure there'll be a sprint to reach the finish line, but we'll definitely be all on the same Link] target="_blank">team when it comes to raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer."

Fans can find more details and sign up at Link] target="_blank"> to represent your club for the London-Amsterdam cycling challenge.

  [2013-03-21 08:09:36] We Are Wimbledon Fund Update  

After the first few weeks of The We Are Wimbledon Fund, we are delighted to announce that an "annualised" £42,500 has been raised with the help of 110 Wimbledon fans.This is already enough to make a real difference to the playing budget but we have a long way to go to hit the £400,000 per year figure. Broken down that means 1000 fans x £33.34 per month. It is doable and between us we really can make this happen. We are delighted to announce that the first We Are Wimbledon Fund Day will take place on 1st April (Barnet Home). The big target by the end of April 1st is to hit £100,000. 3 points would be nice too. Further announcements will take place regarding activities on the day. If you are yet to sign up or if you know people who might like to contribute but haven't please complete your online form at Link] target="_blank"> Please do it now. Or you could always just watch the Accrington highlights on loop instead! THANK YOU. For an explanation of what the fund is all about please visit the website

  [2013-03-07 10:36:12] WUP 10.6 on sale at the York game! Hurrah!  

The 6th issue of the tenth volume of WUP fanzine will be available from the usual suspects lurking around KM before and after the York match. Get your copy for just £1!!! If you enjoy it, tell us. If you don't, tell us that too! If you want to help shape the direction of the next issue, contact us with your ideas!

  [2013-02-15 01:43:52] WUP 10.5 hits the news-stands this Saturday  

The latest issue will be available on Saturday 16th February from the usual place.

  [2013-02-13 08:26:42] The Big Football Tag!  

Calling Link] target="_blank">AFC Wimbledon fans. Jonjo needs our help.

To commemorate 20 years since Bobby Moore’s premature death from bowel cancer and raise awareness of the disease (and in the process hopefully raise at least £100,000 for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK), the nationwide ‘Big Football Tag’ visits AFC Wimbledon at 2am, Sunday 16th  February.

This bold and ambitious project will see a signed captain’s armband collected from every league ground in England & Wales in a giant game of ‘tag’, culminating in a walk from Wembley stadium to West Ham’s Upton Park ground for a commemorative service at the Bobby Moore statue. The armbands will subsequently be auctioned off for the charity.

The Big Football Tag is the latest high-profile event organised by prolific campaigner and fundraiser, 11 year old West Ham fan Jonjo Heuerman.

On Thursday 14 February, the sash containing the armbands will start its journey from Swansea City FC -> Cardiff City FC -> Bristol City FC -> Bristol Rovers FC -> Swindon Town FC -> Reading  -> Aldershot Town FC  who will deliver the sash to AFC Wimbledon at 2am, where we will walk and hand over the sash to Fulham FC at 5am. They will then march to Chelsea FC and finally deliver the sash to Jonjo at West Ham on Sunday at 10am.

AFC Wimbledon commercial Executive, Jim Piddington and a few other Wimbledon fans will be walking from AFC Wimbledon’s Cherry Red Records Stadium to Fulham FC’s Craven Cottage this Sunday after receiving the sash.

If you are interested in joining the ‘Big Football Tag’ then consider joining AFC Wimbledon supporters for your part of the journey and wearing the team’s colours with pride.

You can read more about the Great Football Tag here:

Link] target="_blank">

For those who wish to donate to the cause, you can do so at:

Link] target="_blank">

Anybody who is interested in joining this national event and representing AFC Wimbledon please email

  [2013-01-24 08:58:11] WUP 10.4 Out 24/01/2013! Hurrah!  

get your copy of WUP for just £1 from the usual suspects lurking with intent around KM

  [2012-12-01 19:14:19] Yellow And Blue on sale in the WUP Shop  

A special, one-off Yellow And Blue will be available from selected locations tomorrow.  Yellow And Blue will be remembered as the unofficial programme during the final year of protests at Selhurst Park, and the official programme for the first year of AFC Wimbledon.  This commemorative issue had been produced in conjunction with "Fanzines United", a collaboration of The Historical Don, Wimbledon Downunder Supporters Association (WDSA), Wise Men Say and Womble Underground Press (WUP) with additional articles from the likes of Bath Womble and WISA.  32 full colour glossy pages for £2.00, Y&B will be on sale at both coach departure locations - The Grove and Kingsmeadow - at the Yellow & Blue day at Kingsmeadow all day and will be roaming around in Buckinghamshire - keep your eyes peeled!

Any copies remaining (and we expect there will be) will be available at the next home game and via the WUP shop.

  [2012-11-22 00:24:55] Franchise This t-shirts now available  

New into the WUP catalogue is the stylish white on blue "Franchise This" t-shirt. Available in sizes Small through XXL for only £10 plus P&P from the WUP online shop here [Link]

  [2012-11-16 13:28:15] WUP 10.3 Out on 17th November!!!! Hurrah!  

Issue 3 of this season's Womble Underground Press is on sale from Saturday, available as usual from a number of dodgy looking characters hanging around near the Dons Trust tent before the game or, if any are left, the back bar after the game. 28 pages packed full of the usual stuff, heavily influenced by the FA Cup 2nd Round draw, still only £1 and with all money raised going back to club related profits, you'd be mad to miss it

  [2012-11-11 15:21:19] A great initiative by a few Dons fans  


  [2012-10-12 03:47:25] WUP 10.2 out on Saturday 13 October  

Issue 2 of this season's Womble Underground Press is on sale from Saturday, available as usual from a number of dodgy looking characters hanging around near the Dons Trust tent before the game or, if any are left, the back bar after the game. 28 pages packed full of the usual stuff, heavily influenced by the appointment of Neal Ardley into the hotseat, still only £1 and with all money raised going back to club related profits, you'd be mad to miss it!

  [2012-08-18 04:25:05] WUP 10.1 Out Now!  

Volume 10 of the Womble Underground Press makes its debut today with the first issue hot off the press and available from a number of shady characters hanging around near the Dons Trust tent before the game or, if any are left, the back bar after the game. Packed full of the usual guff, still only £1 and with all money raised going back to club related profits, you'd be mad to miss it!

  [2012-08-02 23:31:42] Simon Bassey, Dons Legend t-shirt now available  

Celebrating 10 years of loyal service to the Dons, the new Simon Bassey, Dons Legend t-shirt is now available for purchase at the testimonial match on Saturday or online.

The t-shirt is available in all sizes from Small through to XXXL, and is priced at only £10 each (with 50% of the profit going to the testimonial fund).

They may be collected before the next home game or posted. P&P is £2.50 for the first item plus £1.00 each for any additional shirts ordered.

A larger image of the t-shirt can be seen by clicking here.

Paypal can be sent to (please use the gift option if possible),

Cheques, made payable to "Womble Underground Press" can be sent to Womble Underground Press, c/o 2 Hadrian Drive, Coleshill, North Warks, B46 1HW.

Bank transfer is also possible, please e-mail for further details.

Please remember to include contact details and required size when ordering.

  [2012-07-27 18:06:10] Updated "Tits, Fanny, Wombles" t-shirt now available to purchase online.  

The new, updated version of the classic Tits, Fanny, Wombles t-shirt is now available for purchase online. Available in all sizes from Medium through to XXXL, priced at only £10 each. They may be collected before the next home game or posted.  P&P is £2.50 for the first item plus £1.00 each for any additional shirts ordered.

A large image of the t-shirt can be seen by clicking here.

Paypal can be sent to (please use the gift option if possible),

Cheque, made payable to "Womble Underground Press" can be sent to Womble Underground Press, c/o 2 Hadrian Drive, Coleshill, North Warks, B46 1HW

Bank transfer is also possible, please e-mail for further details.

  [2012-07-13 21:56:22] Updated "Tits, Fanny, Wombles" t-shirt on sale now  

A new, updated version of the classic Tits, Fanny, Wombles t-shirt is now available.  They may be obtained before the game against Reading tomorrow, before the game from near the Dons Trust stand, around the corner from the Club Shop, and after the game from outside the back bar (or inside if it's raining and there's still no canopy!).  Available in all sizes from Medium through to XXXL, priced at only £10 each. If there are any remaining after the game tomorrow we will announce further details.

  [2012-05-31 12:58:42] Two Hundred Percent Article  

Our friends at the Two Hundred Percent Blog have written a couple of posts regarding the formation and rise of AFC Wimbledon. Ian was a witness at the time and gives his view of those difficult days in 2002 for so many Wimbledon FC supporters.


His article can be found [Link]

  [2012-05-14 22:07:39] Bumbling to Barnet - Day 2 In Pictures!  


  [2012-05-14 22:03:06] Bumbling to Barnet - Fundraising "Walk Further 4 Wimbledon" Trekkers Captured On Camera!  


  [2012-04-10 01:04:06] Billy Knott is a Womble* t-shirt available. Order here now  

WUP are proud to present the latest in our limited edition t-shirt range,

" Billy Knott is a Womble*"

Printed yellow on blue (other colours may become available), the t-shirts are available in all sizes from Small to XXL by mail order only, £10 each.  Collection from Kingsmeadow is possible if sufficient notice is given.

Please e-mail to place your order now.

We have been asked by our lawyers to point out to potential purchasers the following:

1. Billy Knott is not actually a Womble. He is a human being. He does not go round collecting rubbish off Wimbledon Common, although we are unaware of any voluntary work he might do in his spare time. Nor does he necessarily live in a burrow.

2. The inference in the text of the t-shirt is meant only to portray that he is a dedicated and professional footballer, who has shown dedication to his craft whilst temporarily playing for us while on loan from Sunderland AFC and, in doing so, has gained the affection of manyWimbledonfans.

3. Furthermore we do not imply any ownership of Billy Knott past the constricts of his loan agreement with AFC Wimbledon. We are quite aware that his stay with us is merely temporary, which - for the more literal of our customers - is indicated by the asterisk incorporated within the design.

4. This humorous tee shirt is for entertainment purposes only and we strongly recommend that those of a more literal, sensible persuasion purchase one of the other t-shirts from our delightful range.